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BLUE Laser Pointers

Blue Laser Tech - DPSS or Semiconductor? 
True Blue Laser Pointers - Not Violet or Purple

Blue Laser Tech - DPSS or Semiconductor?

DPSS [diode pumped solid state] blue laser pointers, available since 2006, have the same basic construction as DPSS green lasers. They most commonly emit light at 473nm, which is produced by frequency doubling of of 946nm laser light from a double-pumped Nd:YAG or Nd:YVO4 crystal. Complex and very expensive, these DPSS blue laser pointers can be rarely found for less than $500. We have a better way! Z-Bolt® Sapphire Series laser pointers are fabricated with InGaN semiconductors, which emit blue laser light without frequency-doubling. Less complex, easier to manufacture in numbers, and much, much less expensive. 

True Blue Laser Pointers - Not Violet or Purple "Blu-Ray" Lasers

Don't spend $500 for a DPSS blue laser pointer, or $15 for a 405nm "blu-ray laser pointer" that is neither "blue", nor a "laser pointer". The purple/violet light from a 405nm laser is barely visible to the human eye and worthless for applications that require an actual pointing device. Z-Bolt® manufactures five (5) Sapphire Series blue laser pointers. The Duet® Sapphire is CR123A lithium powered with dual switch controls - push button AND constant on slider switches. The lithium powered & knurled tube Sapphire Galaxy is ruggedized - shock, dust, & water resistant - built for extreme duty. The Sapphire Galaxy II (CR123A Lithium) and Galaxy III (AAA Alkaline) are constant on/off blue lasers suitable for astronomy or scope mounting; and operate in extreme cold temperatures ( +14F°, -10C°) without dimming or degradation.

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