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Baby Beamer - World's Smallest Green Laser
Baby Beamer - Free Lanyard!

Baby Beamer - World's Smallest Green Laser

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Part Number:BB-1-P

Baby Beamer® - World's Smallest Green Laser Pointer!

The Z-Bolt® Baby Beamer® is smaller, lighter, brighter. Only 3 1/2" in length; 1/2" in diameter. The BB-1-P features a miniaturized green laser diode that is only 8 mm in diameter (industry best); includes a computerized APC circuit which monitors power output & stability; and the green laser diode pulses to save on battery power. (allows use of AG13 button cell batteries instead of larger, heavier AAA batteries) Laser configured with a 50% duty cycle - which means on/off 1:1. The frequency is 100~120HZ, pulsing the laser 100 to 120 times per second. Saves 30~40% battery power. Ships with detachable Z-Bolt® lanyard; stained hardwood carry case; one year supply (30 pcs) of AG13 button cell batteries. Please note - battery markings should be visible when inserting 3 pcs AG13 into power tube.

The BB-P-1 includes our special APC control circuit. The computerized APC diode drive circuit features "Automatic Power Control". This advanced circuit is based on a photo diode feedback loop. The photo diode monitors the optical output and provides a control signal for the laser diode, helping to maintain the diode operation at a constant optical output level. The circuit adds to the lifetime of the laser, prevents overheating, and provides overall power output stability & efficiency.

Length 3.50 in. x Diameter 0.51 in. (89 mm x 13 mm)
Wavelength (Color) - 532 nm (Emerald Green)
Diode Operating Life - 3,000 hours
Circuit Type - Computerized APC
Beam Diameter - Source - 1.1 mm
Output Mode - Pulsed Diode
Output Power - 1.0~5.0 mW
Range ( Night ) - 2 Miles
FDA Safety Class - IIIa
IEC Safety Class - 3R
Warranty - 1 Year

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